Our Mission

Helping Families Start Over

We support children and families who have escaped domestic violence situations and those suffering from some other form of trauma including natural disaster and criminal assault. We provide donated furniture and household goods as these families begin new, independent, productive lives in safe environments.

What is the FreeStore?

The FreeStore was started in 2001 to provide furniture to women leaving the domestic violence shelter in Des Moines. As the community learned of our mission, it responded generously and we were able to expand our services to referrals from all Iowa DV agencies and other Des Moines human services agencies, schools and churches. The first year, 2001, we gave furniture to 7 families. In 2023 we served 505 families with over 400 tons of furniture. Items we can’t use are passed to other agencies, whenever possible.

The FreeStore is:

  • A 501c3 charity that gives furniture and household items to families who need it.
  • A furniture bank – think food bank, but we give away couches and beds instead of pasta and canned corn. We collect and store donated furniture and household items and give them to families in need. To donate household items, go to Donate.
  • An organization that is totally run by volunteers. We have no paid staff and from managing incoming items to giving those items to families in need, all the processes are managed by volunteers. To join volunteers and continue the work of the FreeStore, go to Get Involved.
  • A partner with organizations helping families who need furniture. To become a FreeStore partner link to Get Help.
  • A very worthwhile endeavor that needs money to pay expenses such as rent and truck expenses. Over 95% of your donation goes directly to providing furniture and household goods to families in need. To donate money, link to Donate.