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The FreeStore is an entirely volunteer-run charity,
primarily funded by local Des Moines, Iowa supporters

The FreeStore is entirely run by volunteers

Volunteer positions include:

Scheduler making a phone call


Volunteers are needed to schedule furniture pickups Pickup schedulers usually work a couple of 2 week stint every 3 months. If you like to work from home and visit with our donors, this might be something you would be interested in.


Loading a chair

Pickup Teams

Like exercise? Picking up furniture is just for you. FreeStore pickup teams go out on Mon, Wed, and Fri Mornings from 9AM to 11AM to pick up furniture donations and bring them to the warehouse. Each team consists of a driver and a helper. The work is strenuous but rewarding as you know you are personally contributing to each of our client’s well-being.


Sorting dishes

Warehouse Workers

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings you will find an energetic group of volunteers sorting kitchenware, folding linen, filling shelves, repairing furniture and generally “doing what needs to be done” to keep our warehouses neat and ready for clients.

This group always welcomes new volunteers and working in the warehouse is a great way to make new friends and learn about the FreeStore.


Someone’s items ready to go


Being a Greeter is one of the most rewarding jobs at the FreeStore. Greeters get to meet families and help them pick out the items they need. Each Greeter is scheduled a couple of times a month on Wed, Fri, and Sat. We have some morning and afternoon appointments on Wed. and all afternoon appointments are at 1,2, and 3 PM.


Delivering a couch


Have a free Saturday morning? We offer an additional service to families leaving the local Des Moines Domestic Violence shelter and the Ames Domestic Violence shelter. On Saturday teams move the furniture and other household goods into their new residences.


Inside our freezer


Like to cook? Well,“You shouldn’t have to cook on moving day.” To that end, volunteers collect and repackage donated chicken and cookies. They also make casseroles and soup for our freezers. All clients are offered some of this food when they come for their items. It really makes them smile!


Additional Activities

The FreeStore has several reoccurring positions necessary to make the FreeStore run.

  • Newsletter writer
  • Grant writer
  • Finance
  • Data input
  • Data analysts
  • Thank You notes
  • Fill the Mayflower planning and coordination
  • Photographer
  • Volunteer Committee
  • Business Donations