Information for Agencies or Caseworkers

If you are a manager or caseworker and want more information about our process or want to schedule an appointment for your client, call 515-282-3733 ext. 2. Leave your name, your organization and your number. Someone will call you to explain how we work. You can also send an email to

If you are with a domestic violence agency anywhere in Iowa, we will serve your client for free. If they live in the greater Des Moines area or the Ames/Boone area, we will move their items for them. If they are in the Adel area, or the Marshalltown area we will try to move their items for them. Most other DV referrals must be able to move their items themselves.

We also serve referrals from Des Moines area schools, Women at the Well, and veteran’s organizations for free but usually they or their agency must provide moving help.

We serve referrals from local Des Moines human services agencies. For these clients you will need to:

  • Pay a small fee. You must agree to pay the fee and not be reimbursed by the client. The cost is $70 for a 1-2 person family; $85 for a 3-4 person family, $110 for a family of 5-6, $160 for a family of 7-8, and $210 for a family of 9-10.
  • For Des Moines metro clients we will provide a truck and driver to move items from our warehouse. But the client will need to move items from our truck into their home. It takes at least 2 strong people to move the items; FreeStore volunteers will not move items into the client’s home.
  • Visit the client’s residence to assure that they need the items they are requesting.

Provide follow-up with the client for at least 6 months. This follow-up can be transferred to another human services agency.

  1. Review FreeStore mission and guidelines.
  2. Visit the client’s home so you can verify the need and better understand the logistics of moving furniture into their home.
  3. You and the client will need to complete a client form. We recommend clicking on the Client Application Form link.

Or you can download and print a copy of the form using the links below. Please print the two page form front and back on one sheet of paper. Fill in all relevant information on the first page, using numbers to indicate needs.  Complete the second page, initialing the appropriate sections.

  1. If using the interactive form, a completed form will be e-mailed to you and the scheduler. If the paper form is used, you will need to e-mail the completed form to the scheduler.
  2. Once the scheduler receives the completed client form, it is reviewed and returned if changes are needed. Once the form is properly completed, the scheduler will provide you, the advocate, with available dates for service.  This will typically be a Wednesday or Friday afternoon, or Saturday morning for clients who are victims of domestic violence.
  3. The advocate then consults with their client to choose the best date/time and provides that to the scheduler who puts the information into the FreeStore calendar.
  4. One to three days prior to the appointment, a FreeStore greeter contacts the client and advocate to confirm the appointment and review details.
  5. On the day of the appointment, plan to arrive at our warehouse 15 minutes early. A greeter will be there to assist with the selection of items and to collect any fees.
  6. In most cases, the client is responsible for having an unloading team ready at their residence, but FreeStore volunteers will load and deliver the items to the curb using our trucks.

Unless arrangements are made in advance, it is expected that you, the advocate, will accompany the client to the warehouse.  The advocate is responsible for making sure the client follows the guidelines, arrives on time, has delivery help and assists with the selection and delivery.


Client Application Form