How it Works

The FreeStore provides household items and furniture free of charge to women who are referred by Iowa’s domestic violence services. We also provide these same items to needy families from other social agencies for a nominal fee to the agency.

The FreeStore is entirely run by volunteers, with no paid staff. Volunteers are always needed to pick-up furniture, organize items in the warehouse, greet clients, help clients move furniture to their new apartments, and raise funds.

The FreeStore depends on your generosity to continue its work. Over 95 percent of your donation goes directly to support families in need.

The FreeStore is a warehouse where we store household items that we give to families who are moving out of domestic violence shelters. Often the women and children left their homes in the middle of the night with little but the clothes on their backs. At the shelter they receive help to start new independent and safe lives. The problem arises when they are ready to move into their own apartments. They are often stymied because they have no household goods. (We also respond to requests from other social service agencies to supply household goods to their clients.)