Allotment Guides for FreeStore Clients

NOTE:  Clients are not allowed in the lower area of the warehouse

  • End tables: allow 1 per family until we get a lot more in
  • Coffee tables: allow 1 per family
  • Couch/Loveseats:  4 or fewer in family 1 couch OR 1 loveseat; 5 or more 1 couch and/or 1 Loveseat
  • LR Chairs: ≤2 LR chairs (including  1 recliner and/or 1 rocker)
  • Bookcases and desks: Unless we have at least 4 on the floor, limit bookcases to 1
  • Kitchen tables: reasonable size for family
  • Kitchen small electrical appliances: allow 3 per family
  • Towels: are double sets – one set per person.
  • Sheets: 1 set per bed; if there are children, allow a second set per every 2 children
  • Beds: one double or queen per adult or couple; twin or bunk per kid.  We share what we get.
  • Bunk bed comforters: Twin comforters are too big; give two blankets that can be folded; if client really wants a comforter, she/he can have it but no blankets (they have to fold it anyway or it drapes down)
  • Extra-long bunks: give a plastic queen protector and instructions to tape the extra underneath; regular (not x-long) sheets can be used to make a bottom sheet if we are out of fitted bottoms
  • Dressers: allow 1 standard for each adult; 1 child’s dresser for each child
  • Microwaves: 1 per family
  • Dish sets: 1 set (which includes tableware and glasses) per family, determined by family size

NOTE: Most items in the Miscellaneous Column are limited to 1 (one) except small rugs and lamps which are limited to 2.